Bulletin – Parramatta Court - Public Service Association

Bulletin – Parramatta Court

Bulletin - Parramatta Court September 2019

The PSA recently met with your management team to raise members concerns.

It was confirmed medical certificates are only required when staff are off for three or more consecutive days; if there are privacy concerns when handing in a certificate, staff can elect to have it dealt with HR or a different manager; See clause 80 of the Crown Employees award.
Staff should be using a flex day for specialist appointments: staff can elect to have it put down as “sick” on the roster until the flex planner is updated and then change it to flex on the roster to ensure they are able to have the time off.

Your management team have recognised that communication with staff has not been adequate, especially regarding flex, what constitutes “meaningful work”, and how staff are chosen for TAA. Management have committed to improving communication and have taken staff concerns on board.
For more information or specifics, contact your delegate Eric Ruffin, or your PSA organiser Glenn Duncan

Your union is only as strong as its members – the more members we have, the stronger we are. Your union is not only your voice in the work place, the PSA also handles individual issues at work.

What can you do?

Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues.

Print this bulletin and put it up on your notice board.

Ask a colleague to join the PSA, which can be done online HERE.



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