Bulletin to School members in Hawkesbury area - Public Service Association

Bulletin to School members in Hawkesbury area

Schools bulletin in the Hawkesbury area – October 2015 (PDF version)

My name is Marisa Bosco and I am the PSA Schools Organiser/Representative for your area.

During term 3 and 4, I visited schools in the Hawkesbury area. While I do not always get the opportunity to meet all School Administrative and Support Staff individually, I always leave an information pack, which includes my business cards, at the front office.

As your PSA Organiser, I would like the opportunity to hold a meeting at your school to ensure members and potential members are kept informed about upcoming changes and to provide relevant information that relates to your rights and conditions of employment.

Many schools in the area have already held a PSA meeting. If you are interested in holding a meeting, please contact me via the Member Support Centre on
1300772679. Email to organise a day and time that is convenient.

Under your Award, the PSA can hold meetings with members at agreed times.

Listed below are some common queries that have been raised from School meetings.

Frequently asked questions

Use of private vehicles

School Administrative and Support Staff (including SLSOs, GAs, AEOs and Administrative Staff) cannot be directed to use their own cars to perform any school tasks. Holding a current driver’s licence or obtaining a driver’s licence are not criteria for employment and do not form part of your statement of duties.

Statement of duties

All School Administrative and Support Staff (including General Assistants) do have a statement of duties. This can be obtained from the Department of Education handbook for non-teaching staff in schools or can be found HERE

All statements of duties refer to “Other Duties, undertaking related duties as determined by the principal or supervisor”. Any undertakings must be related to the duties listed in the statement.


Before you work overtime, be sure you have the approval of the principal to ensure you get paid for the hours. You are entitled to overtime payment on a weekday after you have worked seven hours. The first two hours are at time and a half, after this you are paid double time.

Note: Aboriginal Education Officers are not paid overtime. Their rate of pay covers all incidents of employment.

Supervision of students

School Administrative Support Staff are not responsible for the supervision of students. Being responsible for students is not in any school administrative support staff duty statement.

Dignity and respect in the workplace

Everyone in the workplace, irrespective of their position, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. No-one should suffer bullying or harassment while going about their work. This can put at risk the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees. The Dignity and Respect Charter, signed in 2008, commits the Department to providing a workplace free from bullying or harassment that allows that all staff will be treated with dignity and respect.

PSA training courses

PSA’s training courses, can be found HERE

Courses are available at no charge to PSA members. Non-members wishing to attend our training will first need to submit a membership application. Participants are responsible for their own travel and other costs incurred in attending training. For further information click on the link above or call the Members Support Centre.


Did you know about the upcoming introduction of the Performance Development system for all School administrative support staff, including General assistants?

Did you know about the workers compensation changes and how they affect your take-home pay.?

Did you know about the ongoing implementation of the Learning Management Business Reform and Local Schools Local Decisions?

Do you want to learn more? “Book a meeting”, please contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or email

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