ADHC members vote on action in the Illawarra - the fight continues - Public Service Association

ADHC members vote on action in the Illawarra – the fight continues

ADHC bulletin – Members vote on action in the Illawarra – 30 October 2015 (PDF version)

A strike will take place on 3 December 2015. Further bulletins on the detail of this strike will be sent in coming weeks.

In a recent survey conducted by the PSA, ninety-two percent of PSA ADHC members backed strike action in protest against the Department’s privatisation plans.

ADHC delegates and staff have met and agreed on an action plan which will be rolled out across NSW in the coming months, starting in the Hunter region.

On 27 October 2015, PSA members in the Illawarra/Shoalhaven District voted to take strike action.
PSA delegates and staff addressed the meeting, and explained why it was so important to take action. The strike was unanimously supported by members at the meeting.

Your union needs you

Now is the time to get involved in the campaign against the privatisation of your jobs. Your union can only be strong if members take an active role in ensuring the success of this action.
Get involved now – contact your organiser Tony Heathwood to find out what you can do to make a difference for people with disabilities and yourself.

You can also contact your delegates:

Shane Elliott
Ian Muller
Elwyn Asgill
Lynda Dean
Wynette Sheather
Steven Lamey

The PSA’s A Real Choice campaign is being run across the whole of ADHC & Home Care. The campaign is seeking:

  • A Real Choice for employees on whether to transfer to the private sector or access redeployment within the public sector or voluntary redundancy.
  • A legally enforceable and fair transfer agreement, eg, the transfer payment for NSW Ferries employees was 30 weeks.
  • A legal mechanism to ensure that members’ jobs and conditions are protected.
  • To ensure that ADHC clients can continue to choose ADHC as their provider of choice.
  • To ensure that the new NDIS money is spent on building capacity in the disability sector, and not wasted on transferring what exists in ADHC to a less regulated and less experienced sector.

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