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ChildStory – Member survey

ChildStory – Member survey – February 2018 (PDF version)

We need your help

Dear members,

After categorically saying there were no real problems with ChildStory and attacking the PSA, FACS Secretary Michael Coutts-Trotter has now been forced to concede that there are major difficulties with the new system. These difficulties are affecting the capacity of caseworkers to do their job. After sifting through the spin, it is clear the Secretary has basically admitted ChildStory was not fit for purpose when the system went live at the end of 2017.

To assist the PSA in its campaign to get Minister Goward and her Secretary to listen to caseworkers and fix the problems with ChildStory the PSA has developed a short survey for members to complete which can be found HERE.

The information you provide will give the PSA further evidence to hold the Minister and Secretary accountable for this disaster and increase the pressure on them to deliver a system that is fit for purpose.

It would be appreciated if you could complete the survey by close of business 9 February 2018.

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