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ChildStory update

ChildStory update – December 2017 (PDF version)

It is very disappointing that despite the PSA’s meetings with the Minister, Pru Goward and the Secretary, Michael Coutts-Trotter, where we raised the many problems with ChildStory, the decision to go live was not further delayed. The rest of the state will go -live on Tuesday 12 December despite the numerous defects.

Impact on practitioners

The impact on caseworkers, managers, administrative support staff and so many other roles which depend on ChildStory to do their work is predicated to be acute. Caseworkers’ ability to do their tasks and create records reflecting work undertaken will be seriously compromised to the point it may directly impact on the safety of children and young people.

Next steps

The PSA has again written to the Secretary (click HERE) outlining problems being experienced by members and seeking a detailed briefing. Unless the Department takes steps to fix the defects in ChildStory, the PSA will consider all available options, including industrial action. We will continue agitate until ChildStory is fit for purpose.

KIDS read only

The PSA has previously raised the issue of using dual systems and the inherent dangers in doing so with the Secretary. Nevertheless members are having to use KIDS as read only to access children’s records due to defects in ChildStory.

Members are invited to contact the PSA with feedback of their experience of ChildStory following the state go-live to .

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