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Service NSW – CSR driver tester rosters – December 2017

Service NSW driver tester rosters update – December 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA and Service NSW management have been in lengthy negotiation and dispute procedures about the introduction of rostered Saturday shifts for Customer Service Representative/Driver Testers.

Ultimately the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) found that the Award allowed for CSR/DTs to be rostered for Saturday work.  It did however expect that Service NSW would consult with its staff as to their preference to work either:

  • Ten days per fortnight over Monday to Friday or
  • nine days per fortnight over Monday to Saturday (one Saturday per fortnight).

In situations where CSR/DTs had responsibilities that restricted their ability to work on Saturdays, Service NSW were required to take these into consideration.  Ultimately however, the IRC advised that the rostering provisions for Saturday work applied to CSR/DTs.

The PSA has been pursuing a number of individual requests to be excluded from Saturday work.  We have also raised with Service NSW that our members reported that not all Service Centres gave their staff a choice, and instead consultation consisted of being informed that they were required to work on one Saturday per fortnight.  When we raised these reports, Service NSW committed to progressing a number of individual issues from members at these centres who felt their caring and family responsibilities were not being taken into account.

The PSA has been successful in most cases, in negotiating options for individuals who have caring or family responsibilities. This has, depending on individual circumstances, resulted in Service NSW offering a transfer to locations that do not open on a Saturday, or restricted to one Saturday per month.

Members are advised in the first instance to put requests for roster changes to their manager in writing. Your request must be given due consideration. The PSA stresses that caring or family responsibilities have the greatest chance of your request being approved, and where you can demonstrate that these are not being accommodated the PSA can take action. For those without caring and family responsibilities but do not wish to work on Saturdays, the PSA still urges you to put your request in writing, as Service NSW has demonstrated concessions for compassionate reasons. Similarly, if you would like to be considered for a transfer to a different Service Centre which is not open on Saturday, please put these requests through in writing to your manager.

The PSA reminds members that their Award requires that all work undertaken on a Saturday will be subject to the payment of a 50 per cent loading.

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