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Community Corrections COVID update: Temperature testing

The PSA continues to have fortnightly meetings with Assistant Commissioner Sandra Crawford to discuss matters arising out of changed work practices through COVID. The PSA is also involved in the daily CSNSW Command Post briefings to be updated on day to day matters. The last bulletin update sent to members is available HERE.

Community Corrections advised last week that hand-held thermometers were being distributed to centres, accompanied by a SOP published this week.

Members using the thermometer should familiarise themselves with this SOP and raise any questions or concerns with their Manager in the first instance.

Some members have indicated to the PSA that they don’t want to be tasked with testing visitors and offenders due to health concerns for themselves or someone in their household. A/C Crawford indicated no staff would be forced to check temperatures of visitors and offenders against their will, and should advise their Manager if they are uncomfortable with performing this practice.

The PSA is supportive of the overall practice as it is aimed at protecting staff and detecting low-range fevers that may be indicative of an infection risk. The health advice is that the PPE prescribed in the SOP is sufficient given the very short time for which the person conducting the test is in proximity to the person being tested. The practice is also in line with what has been implemented in Correctional Centres for some weeks.

If you have further concerns that cannot be addressed through your Manager or Director, please contact the PSA.

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