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Crown Solicitor’s Office – Open-plan office proposal update

Crown Solicitor’s Office – Open plan office proposal update – September 2017 (PDF version)

A union meeting was held at the CSO on the 12 September 2017 to discuss the proposal by the Crown Solicitor’s Office management to move to an open-plan office layout.

At this meeting numerous and wide-ranging concerns were raised by members about the plan. These included, but were not limited to: confidentiality of sensitive documents and matters, maintaining clients’ confidence, lack of privacy, cramped work spaces, loss of productivity, lower concentration, increased employee dissatisfaction, lack of consultation and transparency and work, health and safety issues.

CSO management has not adequately consulted the PSA, as it is obligated to do so under Section 65 of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009.

The PSA will meet with CSO management on 13 September 2017 and will request the following:

  1. The halting of any progress on the open-plan office proposal.
  2. The commencement of genuine consultation with the PSA regarding the CSO’s intended plan in accordance with the 1997 Consultative Arrangements: Policy and Guidelines. To enable transparency and effective consultation the PSA will reiterate its request for a detailed Change Management Plan and documented risk assessment in accordance with the Department’s obligations pursuant to Sections 17, 19 and 47 of the Work Health Safety Act 2011 and Regulation 40 of the Work Health Safety Regulation 2011. Consultation should only conclude until the PSA is satisfied with the proposal.

Refusal by CSO management to these requests will result in the PSA lodging a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission on the grounds of lack of consultation.

Your feedback

The PSA are seeking the feedback of members on the proposal. Send your concerns about the current proposal and ideas on how the fit-out can be amended more satisfactorily to your PSA delegates by COB 18 September. All concerns will be collated into one document.

Your PSA delegates are:

Leigh Plater (x 85377) – Senior Solicitor

Teri Southwell (x 85410) – Legal & Financial System Administration Officer

Your PSA staff are:

Surabi Alauddin – Organiser

Andrew Boulton – Industrial Officer

Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA online at, or see your delegates for Membership Forms.

Stronger, Together – A unionised workplace is a fairer one!

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