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CSNSW Strategic Plan and proposed Organisational Structure– PSA meets with CSNSW

Earlier today you would have received a Commissioner’s Update regarding the CSNSW Strategic Plan and a proposed new Organisational structure.

This afternoon, PSA representatives met with Commissioner Kevin Corcoran and CSNSW management to begin consultation around the above proposal.  The PSA were represented by PSA President Nicole Jess, your PSA Industrial staff, and delegates from PSA subbranches across CSNSW.

The PSA was presented with the rationale for the change, as well as a Change Management Plan (CMP) and Fact Sheets, which we will review in detail.  All material is available on the CSNSW intranet, and we encourage members to review all the material during this consultation period.  You can view a copy of the Proposed Organisation Structure HERE and the CMP for Non-Executive staff HERE.  It is important to note that the CMP contains more new non-executive roles than those that are proposed to be deleted, and it is anticipated that all affected staff will be assigned into roles.

If you have any feedback regarding the proposal, or any questions you would like to raise, please contact your relevant PSA subbranch delegate or Industrial Staff.  You can also contact the PSA Member Support Centre for assistance on 1300 772 679, or

The PSA will be meeting with CSNSW throughout this process and will update members as we go through the consultation process.  We will also be holding members meetings to discuss any concerns you may have.

As consultation has only just begun on this significant reform, there has never been a more important time to join the PSA, or encourage non-members to join at www.psa.asn.au

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