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Department of Premier and Cabinet Flex negotiations: Pros and cons of key issues

The PSA is in the latter stages of negotiations regarding the new Flexible Working Hours Agreement and some key issues remain unresolved. Thank you to those who have attended meetings we have arranged. We continue to seek the views of all of our membership.

The outcome of these discussions will impact significantly on your work and your home lives. We are trying to ensure any impacts are for the better.

Let’s look at the key issues in terms of the pros, the cons and what the PSA is seeking.

Issue #1: No Core-time and an extended bandwidth (becoming 6:00am to 10:00pm)

Pro You will have choice in when you work each day allowing freedom to do other outside things.

Con An unreasonable manager makes you work unfriendly hours at extremes of the day without overtime.

The PSA is endeavouring to ensure the changed arrangements do nothing to diminish existing award entitlements, including overtime. Further, we are seeking to ensure that management cannot direct or coerce employees to work unfriendly hours without either overtime or shift penalties applying.

We need firm agreement on all of this. We do not have it yet.

Issue #2: Loss of banked arrangements

Pro There isn’t one, although DPC has expressed its opinion it is misused. It further argues that the flexibility in the new agreement is sufficient and that staff aren’t losing significant hours.

Con Banking is a way of preventing lost hours. It is a safety net to the fluctuating demands many PSA members face. Banked hours are worked hours.

We continue to argue that our members want to retain banking.

Management has stated that if an agreement isn’t reached it will go back to the base agreement in the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 which allows for one flex day in each four-week period.

We do not see this as negotiating. We consider it is the equivalent of taking your bat and ball and going home.


We continue to seek your feedback. Only by having your say can you safeguard yourself. Let us know what you want, now!

Email your answers to PSA Member Support Centre (MSC) and quote call number #158168. You may also contact your PSA Delegate.

The PSA is your voice in flex negotiations – join the PSA today.

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