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Heritage NSW’s Restructure Rodeo

Last week, unbeknownst to your union, Heritage NSW Senior Leadership quietly informed the Programs Directorate of restructuring, inconspicuously packaged as a minor shift in the Directorates Operating Model.

Though Heritage may have misplaced the contact details of the Public Service Association (PSA), our members did not. The PSA met with impacted employees Tuesday 7 November, followed by a members’ meeting Thursday 9 November. Together, they eloquently expressed what Heritage seemed to overlook: this is indeed a restructure, and its implications on their work are far from minor.

Following this your industrial representatives immediately contacted the Department and can confirm that a meeting between the PSA and Heritage and Department of Planning and Environment senior leadership will be held this week. Additionally, the Department has given an undertaking that employees will receive a Change Management Plan shortly.

Rest assured, the PSA remains steadfast in its critique of the Department’s consistent failure in consulting with the union and its members.

Your PSA industrial representatives ask that you continue to keep us informed and contact us with any questions or concerns.


Mary Ann Hamilton

PSA Organiser

Amira Thomson

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