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Dispute Update – Code of Ethical Conduct and other policy

FaCS Bulletin Code of Conduct Update March 2014 (PDF Version)

As flagged, the PSA met with FaCS on Friday, 28 February 2014 in relation to the dispute we notified regarding the agency’s failure to consult over policy, appropriateness of e-learning and other issues related to the substance and implementation of new agency wide policies.

In short, FaCS has agreed to write to the Union to confirm or address the following:

1. FaCS and the PSA have agreed to policy consultation procedures. These involve FaCS giving early notification of policy development and review; the provision of a penultimate draft of new policy with a synopsis of purpose and changes; a 21 day period for Union review and comment; further consultation regarding any issues raised; promulgation of policy.
2. The specific issues we’ve raised regarding the Code of Ethical Conduct and the use of social media, employee participation in authorised union actions, freedom of political expression.
3. Clarify relationship between FaCS and divisional policy settings.
4. Confirm that FaCS staff are not required to sign the Code of Ethical Conduct.

Furthermore, the PSA proposed face to face training to complement, or as an alternative to, e-learning where appropriate and the at election of the employee.

FaCS responded that their Learning & Development budget would not extend to face to face training for most organisational policies.

While we appreciate the agency’s budgetary realities and the need to prioritise limited funding for training, we are concerned that e-learning (in isolation) has some obvious limitations.

The PSA is not recommending members complete e-learning where they are unclear or uncomfortable with the module content. Members are encouraged to contact the PSA with any questions or enquiries.

For more information contact Thane Pearce (PSA Industrial Officer) ().

Authorised by Anne Gardiner, General Secretary, Public Service Association of NSW, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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