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The Water Secretary and DPE representatives met with the PSA on Monday 21 August regarding the proposed Water Infrastructure Directorate (WINSW) reform.

The PSA was anticipating an extensive reform due to previous initiatives for dams that have been either curtailed or terminated following critical reports by the Productivity Commission and Labor opposition.

This also includes decisions by Regional Councils not to partner with the WINSW on large water infrastructure projects and complications added by the administration of Murray Darling Basin Authority projects.

The reform is subject to a Change Management Plan (CMP), key features are:

  1. An expanded rationale for the proposed changes,
  2. The proposed organisational structures (two separate Directorates of Infrastructure, Development & Infrastructure Delivery),
  3. Consolidation of duplicate functions,
  4. The proposed deletion and creation of roles,
  5. Placement options of affected staff, and
  6. The associated timelines for completion of the proposed reform.

The CMP involves the deletion of some 60 jobs with over half of those roles made up of contingent labour.  This is offset by the creation of 27 (13 on-going and 14 temporary) roles.

The PSA is concerned about sufficient placement opportunities to eliminate the possibility of unmatched staff and the temporary nature of half of these roles.

The PSA’s priority is for the re-assignment or matching of as many affected members across WINSW into the two proposed directorates, as well as the rest of DPI Water.

As part of the consultation, the PSA will make submissions on the proposed reform. Members are also encouraged to make submissions to DPI Water as well.

Members who are affected or have questions can also contact Industrial Officer Shane Howes or PSA Departmental Committee Water delegate Shahadat Chowdhury .

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