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Machinery of Government changes update for members

We are extremely disappointed by the lack of engagement by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) senior management on the Machinery of Government (MoG) changes effective 1 January 2024.

The PSA met with your DPE Delegates Wednesday 30 August to discuss concerns ahead of future meetings with senior management.

Be on the lookout for further PSA correspondence, meetings with members and PSA representatives in your workplace. The PSA has written to DPE management requesting a meeting with respect to these announcements.

For our Planning members, you can expect a Bulletin this afternoon with the details for an upcoming meeting to discuss the approaching changes with the resignation of the Deputy Secretary.

PSA win

The PSA is aware of an instance of annual pay increments not being processed due to an error in the system. This has led to one of our members being underpaid for three years.

With the assistance of the PSA this member recouped $27,000 in backpay.

Are your annual increments up to date?

Your annual increments should come into effect on the anniversary of your start date in the role, until you reach a soft or hard barrier.

The PSA urges all members to check their payslips for their current pay grade and next increment date, and compare that to the relevant increment schedule for your pay grade in the Crown Employees (Public Sector Salaries) Award 2022.

If you would like support reviewing the Salaries Award, please contact your delegate below or contact the Member Support Centre on 1800 772 679.

If you have been advised verbally you cannot work from the city as one of your three days, please contact your Delegates below.

Your DPE Delegates’ Details

DC Chair
Steve Lewer, EES

DC Secretary
Jack Turner, Planning

Environment, Energy and Science

Steve Lewer Newcastle

Daniel Cain Coffs Harbour

Catherine Ellis Sydney Metro


Jack Turner

Meredith McIntyre

Michael Parsons


Ben Owers


Shahadat Chowdhury 
Sydney Metro

Peter Roberts
Coffs Harbour

Land & Housing Corporation

Sonia Rhodes
Coffs Harbour

Gavin Wilton
Port Macquarie

Corporate Services

Brooke Scarlett
Sydney Metro

Your PSA Organisers

Amira Thomson
Jo Aboud

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