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Environment Protection Authority: After Hours Incident Service

EPA After Hours Incident Service - May 2021 (PDF version)

At a Joint Consultative Committee meeting held 24 March 2021, the PSA was advised it would receive a draft After Hours Incident Service Procedure Guide (AHIS PG) document prior to release to staff. However, this did not occur.

Instead, on Friday 23 April the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) convened a meeting with staff and provided them with a draft copy of proposed changes to the AHIS PG.

The PSA industrial staff and delegates met with EPA management Tuesday 27 April. We reminded the EPA of the obligation to consult and that further failure to consult, expressly when a policy is attached to the EPA Award, would leave the PSA with no option but to lodge a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.

The PSA and EPA have now agreed to start the consultation process.

The PSA is of the view that changing the actual physical roster to make it more equitable, fair and consistent across the EPA should be progressed immediately and without further delay. The PSA believes this can be completed within the scope and guidance of the original Procedure Guide.

At the meeting on the 27th, the PSA requested the EPA provide the AHIS PG with the proposed changes in a document with full track changes, to give the PSA a clear understanding of what changes are proposed in detail.

Negotiations over any changes to this document should not stop the AHIS Roster inadequacies being rectified, including the payment of the Duty Supervisors full after-hours allowances.

The PSA has requested a further meeting, which has been scheduled for 12 May. 

Business and Administrative Support

The PSA also seeks feedback on the Business and Administrative Support review stages 1 and 2, which are currently being undertaken. If you have any concerns with the process, please contact your delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre.

Jane Burgett  

Cheryl Ainsworth

David Bell

Simon Taylor

Scott King

Hugh Brennan

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