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FACS CST update

FACS – CST update – 5 May 2017 (PDF Version)

CST Staff still in the dark over private employment

The Public Service Association has written to the Department of Family and Community Services to confirm a follow-up meeting with agency in relation to mooted changes to private employment arrangements for clinical services staff. These changes would cause some staff to choose between their FACS job and commitments made in good faith with clients and other third parties.

As previously reported HERE, any proposed changes likely to adversely affect members will be strenuously challenged by the PSA, Initial feedback from members suggests a concerning lack of consistency in advice to staff around the treatment of leave without payment. Again, members are encouraged to contact our Senior Industrial Officer, Thane Pearce, for assistance – .

In other news, FACS has agreed to:

  • calculate CST staff transfer payments based on an employee’s contract hours at the point of transfer (rather than averaging across the previous 12 months)
  • include an employee’s job title on their certificate of service
  • amend the Case Manager’s role description to remove reference to financial advice. Instead the Role Description will say “helps a person get access to services that help them meet their goals”.

Additionally, members have reported the Benevolent Society has advised FACS that the charity does not have sufficient office space to house transferring staff and some staff may be required to work “externally”. The PSA will approach the Department for further details, including a review of safety issues, and report back.

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