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Four Corners exposes critical need for Government child protection services

Four Corners exposes critical need for government child protection services (PDF version)

The ABC’s Four Corners ‘Broken Homes’ investigation has tragically reinforced what the PSA has been red flagging for years: the critical need for Government-operated child protection services rather than for-profit care.

PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright has said:

“What does it say about a Government – and a society – when the care and protection of desperate vulnerable children is used to make a dollar?”

You can read the PSA’s full media release HERE.

Have your voice heard on this important issue

The Association’s federal counterpart, the CPSU, in consultation with the PSA, has released a petition calling on all State and Territory governments to immediately end contracts with private providers and move all child protection residential care back into public hands.

Please sign this important petition HERE.

The PSA submission to the Legislative Council Inquiry into Child Protection made the same observations about the failings of the privatisation of Out of Home Care in NSW.

You can read the full submission HERE.

PSA opposes privatisation

Workers, communities, families and even children are being ripped off by unscrupulous “entrepreneurs” profiting from other people’s misfortune and misery. Every dollar in profit is a dollar robbed from directly supporting children.

Your union will continue to fight for properly resourced and publicly run child protection services that support vulnerable children in NSW.

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