Government pay rise offer - Public Service Association

Government pay rise offer

The PSA has received a ‘Baseline Remuneration Adjustment and Cost of Living Adjustment Payment’ offer of 10.5 per cent from the Premier’s Department.

The offer provides for:

  • 9.5 per cent increase to remuneration over three years
  • Two 0.5 per cent increases to superannuation over two years
  • Potential payment of $1000 cash if the Sydney Consumer Price Index rate reaches 4.5 per cent. It should be noted the rate is currently 3.8 per cent

Your union is seeking clarification on the offer. We will keep all members updated as information comes to hand.

Be assured no offer will be accepted without a vote by members. Any legitimate offer received by the PSA will be put to a ballot of members.

This is general advice for all members. However, the information above is specifically for those covered by the Crown Employees Award.

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