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Local Land Services Award Review – the PSA has your back

On 27 February members would have received email correspondence from the CEO about the Local Land Service Award (LLS) review process.

The Public Service Association (PSA) has previously advised the Department that the union is open to holding discussions about the LLS Award and, as always, is committed to transparent and good faith negotiations.

The PSA’s broad position, across its membership in all agencies, is that at this time participating in Mutal Gains Bargaining (MGB) is not in the best interests of our members. Until we are confident that taking part in a process such as MGB will not lead to decreased conditions or jobs, we are unable to agree to take part.

Maintaining the conditions and jobs of our members is our number one priority.

Therefore, the PSA advises members not to participate in this process.

The PSA respects the Departments right to canvass the views of its staff in relation to a new Award but the relevant bargaining agents and the parties to the current and any new Award are the relevant unions.

The best way to have your views heard and to ensure a positive outcome is by acting collectively with your colleagues through your union.

If members wish to be involved in the PSA discussions regarding reviewing the Award, they can express interest by contacting the PSA Member Support Centre by email at quoting matter number CN 216271.

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