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DPHI – Planning Directorate Functional Review & You

Most members were part of the Town Hall meeting on Thursday 15 February where senior representatives of the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) outlined reforms planned by the new NSW Government and the eventual restructuring of the Planning Directorate via functional review.

PSA representatives also attended the meeting and have been reviewing the information provided. Whilst this is simply information sharing at this stage, members should be aware that this reform is likely to involve significant workplace change.

The union knows that this announcement and the subsequent reform has the potential to be a difficult time for members as changes flow through to the operations of your workplace.

The union will be with you every step of the way.

What To Expect From the Reform

There is an expectation that the first stage of the reform will impact the Senior Executive Service. Whilst these are the top line structures, these reforms will eventually have effects on Award-based staff including to roles, reporting lines and resource allocations, in particular for executive administrative support.

In previous years, there were concerns raised by members and delegates that Award based roles were being deleted to pay for upgraded SES roles. The new NSW Government’s election promise to reduce SES headcount reduces that threat.

The second and more involved part of the reform, will involve those Award based roles and structures.

The PSA will contact members throughout the process so that you can provide feedback. If you have immediate concerns please raise them with your workplace delegates.

Project/Program Funding Models

The union is heartened to hear of in-principle commitments to minimize impacts on-going staff, the elephant in the room is the current mis-match of funding models for major projects and programs. Temporary funding means temporary and fixed term employment as well as a higher utilisation of contingent labour.

The precarious nature of this employment leaves qualified and experienced staff at the political whim of funding arrangements. The PSA is actively pursuing this issue and will continue to lobby the Labor Government.

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