Long Service Leave Corporation Bulletin - 18 July 2017 - Public Service Association

Long Service Leave Corporation Bulletin – 18 July 2017

Long Service Leave Corp – Resturcture update – July 2017 (PDF version)

On Wednesday last week the PSA met with NSW Treasury representatives Vicki Telfer, Brigitte Fairbank and Kathy Skuta. We requested a two-week extension for the deadline for the PSA’s feedback, based on the fact management had not provided us with all of the role descriptions. Particularly, we sought the release of the RDs for ALL 7/8 roles, ALL 9/10 roles as well as the new Senior Project Officer role – which didn’t exist in old structure.

Management has since provided the requested RDs and has granted the PSA until the end of this week (Friday 21 July) to submit our feedback.

We are currently working on our submission, which covers a number of points raised by members, and can update shortly.

Members with specific questions or wanting industrial advice should approach their delegate or contact PSA Industrial Officer Matthew Drake-Brockman directly

Finally, we sought clarification from management on whether the restructure is in part due to the positive organisational report about the Corporation, such as the PosOrg report, and requested a right of reply to anything negative or incorrect in it. Vicki Telfer advised by return email that the proposed restructure has nothing to do with the work about culture undertaken by PosOrg, and more to do with “enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of LS Corporation by ensuring a structure that is fit for purpose”.



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