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Major Transport Disruption – What are my rights?

Following the decision by the NSW Government to shut down the rail network yesterday, many members may be wondering what happens if you are unable to get to work, or are significantly delayed, because of major transport disruptions?

Under the Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff Award) covering all SAS Staff and the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 covering all other non-teaching staff such as, but not limited to, General Assistants, Student Support Officers and School Psychologists, an employee prevented from attending work at a normal location by a natural emergency or by a major transport disruption can access Family and Community Services (FACS) Leave for the time.

The PSA recommends the following options be explored in addition to FACS leave:

  • Apply to vary the working hours (i.e attend work late and make up the time)
  • Negotiate an alternative working location within the Department (i.e working from home) or
  • Take available family and community service leave and/or flex leave, recreation or extended leave or leave without pay to cover the period concerned

If you are unable to vary your working hours, or are in a role in which you cannot work from home, you should seek to use your available FACS leave balance, or Flex leave if available, in the first instance. FACS leave accumulates at 2.5 days per year for each of the first two years of employment, and 1 day per year thereafter.

These conditions are contained within your Union negotiated Award. If you are being pressured to submit any other form of leave when you have an available FACS leave balance, please contact the PSA for assistance.

Public Sector Wages Policy

The industrial unrest that currently exists in NSW is a result of the NSW Government’s Public Sector Wages Policy with PSA members being joined by Teachers, Nurses and Transport workers in challenging the fairness of the 2.5 per cent wages cap.

When this is combined with relentless efficiency dividends, downsizing, the staffing formula not being adjusted for 20 years and the enormous stress placed on workers over the COVID pandemic it is no wonder public servants of all persuasions are calling out this government.

The 2.5 per cent wages cap is not only a restriction on your wages growing, but also reduces NSW consumer spending, NSW economic growth, undermines Government revenues, suppresses public sector productivity, and contributes to broader wage stagnation. The Perrottet Government needs to release the handbrake on Public Sector Wages and scrap this destructive policy once and for all.

Unity, Strength, Respect

There has never been a better time to encourage a non-member to join your Union. Speak to a colleague about joining the PSA at today.

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