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MEMBER UPDATE: School Psychologist Award

Over the past year, the PSA has continued to negotiate with the Department of Education (DoE) to establish an Award for School Psychologists. Multiple meetings and correspondence exchanged between the parties, has defined our respective positions. After two attempts to conciliate the matter in the Industrial Relations Commission on 29 April 2022 and on 29 September 2022 respectively, we were able to narrow the issues and progress the provision of board-approved professional supervision. However, we did not reach agreement on some issues of concern to our School Psychologist members, including the basis for salary progression.  Since agreement was not reached, the award will be arbitrated, and the Commission will decide what is reasonable. The hearing is scheduled in the Industrial Relations Commission for March next year.

The Department initially filed a three-year Award application in the Industrial Relations Commission, but the PSA notified the Commission that the application did not represent a consent position. The PSA could not agree to a three-year award, given that there will be an NSW state election in March 2023; and we are seeking that the Industrial Relations regulation pay-rise cap, be lifted to allow for increased pay rises for public sector workers in the coming years.

We also argued that since the Teachers Award was being arbitrated before the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) that we should await that outcome, to ensure that your pay rise is the same as the Teachers/School Counsellors. The IRC decision in relation to the Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2020 (Teachers Award) was made last Friday, 11 November 2022.

The PSA will shortly conduct a survey of our School Psychologist members for your endorsement that we seek the same pay rise for you, as the School Counsellors will receive.  Please look out for this coming notice and make sure you vote.   

For your information, the Award Arbitration schedule is as follows:

  • The Department of Education has filed and served an amended Application for a new Award on 11 November 2022; the PSA has filed and served our application for a new award on the same day.
  • The Department is to file and serve evidence in its application and in reply to the PSA’s application and the PSA is to do the same by 6 December 2022.
  • Both parties are to file and serve evidence in reply and an outline of submissions in reply by 31 January 2023.
  • The Award application is listed for Hearing on 8 March 2023 before the IRC Full Bench.

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