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Members in Service NSW: Whistleblowing

The PSA has had several reports from members. If these observations are correct, these incidents could amount to maladministration within Service NSW.

The PSA would like to give members information on how to best address these issues using the Public Interest Disclosures Act 1994.

Making a Public Interest Disclosure (PID) is more commonly known as whistleblowing.  The Act provides protections for whistleblowers.  It is important that, if you are going to raise concerns, you do so under the protections afforded to you through a PID.

The PSA urges members not to make unprotected complaints about issues such as maladministration.

Making a Public Interest Disclosure (whistleblowing)

A PID is when a public official reports serious wrongdoing in their workplace, or in another public authority. Serious wrongdoing includes:

  • corrupt conduct
  • serious maladministration
  • serious and substantial waste of public money.


Maladministration is defined in the Act as “conduct that involves action or inaction of a serious nature” that is: contrary to law; or unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or improperly discriminatory; or based wholly or partly on improper motives. It is inefficient or dishonest administration.

Examples of maladministration are wide and can include:

  • Unreasonable, unjust or discriminatory conduct
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Failure to investigate.

To check what you can report and how to make a report visit HERE.

The information in your disclosure should explain the problem and your allegations

You can choose to be anonymous when you make your report. It is important to provide as much detailed information as possible. This helps the assessment and investigation process.

You can also contact the NSW ombudsman for advice HERE.


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