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Murwillumbah Learning Community update.

Welcome back Term 2 2023

Meeting with Principal

On 30 March PSA Delegate Charlotte Higgins and Regional Organiser Rebecca Reilly met with Principal Peter Howes to discuss issues that members raised with the PSA in relation to Murwillumbah Learning Community (MLC). Mr. Howes was concerned that some of the issues raised by the PSA had not been raised via the school channels. One of the issues the PSA raised was the increased swearing and inappropriate behaviour towards our SASS members. Mr. Howes stated that all incidents need to be reported via Sentral, WHS and management reporting lines and that if no action is taken then it needs to be drawn to the attention of the Principal. Delegate Charlotte Higgins and/or PSA Regional Organiser will support members to bring any inaction to the attention of Mr. Howes.

Temporary Workforce Transition (TWT)

Previously to the TWT SASS staff at MLC were informed that no offers for permanency would be made to staff until the end completion of the merger in 2026. The PSA sees no reason why eligible SASS staff at MLC will be excluded from TWT policy. Current eligibility for permanent employment is that school-based employees including teachers and all support staff who have worked in the same school on a temporary basis for 3 years or more, at the same classification, are engaged in a 12-month contract with that school for 2023.

Labor to abandon the merger of Murwillumbah Schools.

The new Labor Government committed to reversing the merger of the 4 schools in Murwillumbah and since being elected they have said they will keep this election promise. The PSA will update our members as soon as we hear details.

The PSA will hold an after school meeting during this term.

Contact Regional Organiser Rebecca Reilly email or 0419980503

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