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NPWS REALIGNMENT - June 2021 (pdf version)

This week NPWS released a revised Senior Executive structure followed by a revised structure for the Operations Branches of the NPWS. While there has been initial consultation on the realignment there was no such consultation in relation to structures provided for the remainder of the NPWS.

It’s insulting to our members and the PSA to refer to the Future Parks structure as a ‘proposed structure’ and refer to vacancies as ‘perceived vacancies’. Members recognise that they’re very ‘real vacancies’ because members are doing the work of the vacant (now deleted) roles!

The PSA does not accept that any role deleted from these structures (because they were vacant) should not be filled. Due to a lack of consultation on the new NPWS operations structure the PSA is currently considering its options in relation to dealing with this matter.

In the meantime, the PSA requests that members should advise the PSA of any vacant roles that have been deleted from the new structures. The PSA is very mindful of the excessive workloads that have been created for members with the not filling and deletion of these roles.

Please email PSA Organiser Kim de Govrik  if there are deleted roles in the structure for your area. Further to this the PSA is seeking an urgent meeting with NPWS senior management to discuss both the realignment and the revised operations Branch structures.

The PSA encourage non-members to join the PSA to fight for job security and support our fight in the filling of ongoing roles in NPWS. Join HERE

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