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OEH/NPWS Ranger recruitment

OEH NPWS Ranger recruitment – July 2018 (PDF version)

PSA members were advised last week that 44 Rangers will be recruited over the coming weeks. This is a significant recruitment process, given that 39 will be ongoing roles. The PSA and the NPWS POVB have been strongly defending NPWS staff for many years and has also advocated for the filling of ALL vacancies (including Ranger positions) across the state. It has also defended the NPWS award which applies to all NPWS members (including Rangers). Hence this recruitment is a major victory for the PSA and the NPWS POVB in its advocacy around this matter over the years.

The PSA met with DPE Employee Relations on 31 July to seek further clarification on the recruitment process and the status of current long term temporary Rangers (amongst other matters). The Department advised:

  • It wished to have an open and transparent recruitment process and wanted to treat all applicants the same. The Department stressed that there would be some excellent applicants amongst the temporary Ranger cohort, and as per the announcement they are in good standing to secure an ongoing role. The PSA did, however, indicate that the GSE Rules allow for appointment of temporary employees to ongoing roles (with some caveats) without requiring external advertisement, and believes that a “mapping process” for appointment under this Rule should be implemented.
  • Recruitment will be undertaken centrally. So only one application is required with location preferences in preferred ranking order (as indicated in the job ad).
  • Limiting recruitment internally is not possible as the Rangers are not part of a restructure (they are ‘out of scope’).
  • In spite of the Department indicating in the announcement that its intention has been to ‘modernise’ the award, the Department indicated unequivocally that all Ranger recruits will be covered by the Crown Employees (Office of Environment and Heritage-National Parks and Wildlife Service Conditions of Employment Award).
  • All ‘funded’ Ranger positions will be filled and a talent pool will be created to accommodate further vacancies due to the possibility of Ranger transfers.

The PSA is asking for members and temporary Rangers to contact the PSA to advise us where temporary Rangers are currently working and where there are Ranger vacancies not proposed to be filled. This includes any members interested in the roles to enable the PSA to provide further advocacy on their behalf in relation to the filling of these positions.

PSA industrial staff Latu Sailosi and Kim de Govrik will be visiting work places over the coming days to talk to as many Rangers and temporary Rangers as possible to assist with enquiries. If you would like them to visit your workplace please contact them (see contact details below).

12-month rosters

PSA members (particularly 5/7 workers) are still being directed to complete 12-month rosters. This is virtually impossible for members who work in such a dynamic work situation. The Department indicated at our recent meeting that the 12-month roster is a ‘plan’ and is not a rigid document. Members are only required to provide two weeks’ notice of a roster change. Members are further asked to contact the PSA if you are encountering issues in dealing with the 12-month roster and its implementation.

Salary maintenance

The PSA has negotiated three month salary maintenance for members who have taken roles at a lower grade due to the restructure. If members are not being paid salary maintenance and believe they are entitled to it, they should contact the PSA.

Any enquiries please contact:

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