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Office of Environment and Heritage NPWS Award

Office of Environment and Heritage NPWS Award – June 2016 (PDF version)

PSA staff and your PSA National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) delegates recently attended sustainability meetings with representatives from Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and NPWS. These meetings were to address the agency’s budget shortfall and to ensure it continues to be financially sustainable.

Most of OEH and NPWS proposals at these meetings focused on two primary principles:

  1. To change or amend certain provisions in the NPWS Award.
  2. NPWS is considering restructuring the regions and areas boundaries and looking at fundamental changes to the role of Rangers.

Both a letter from Mr Michael Wright, the NPWS Deputy Chief Executive, and the NPWS Log of Claims on the Award can be viewed HERE.

Members can be assured the PSA is committed to defending your conditions in the NPWS Award. Throughout our many meetings, the PSA has clearly articulated to OEH and NPWS that the overwhelming view of our members is to protect the NPWS Award, which remains our principle mandate.

The PSA has written to OEH to categorically reinforce this commitment; you can view this letter HERE.

Any plans to restructure will need to be via consultation with the PSA and we will advocate for fair, transparent processes that capture the commitment and loyalty shown by staff.

Following this correspondence, the PSA held a productive meeting with OEH on Thursday 2 June 2016. At the meeting, OEH committed to write to the PSA with a proposal for members to consider, which may include some Award variations.

The PSA will seek the advice of our membership and provide feedback to this proposal. However, the PSA will not agree to any changes that diminish the pay and conditions currently available to existing members.

The PSA appreciates the overwhelming support we have received from NPWS staff and requests members remain vigilant and united whilst we continue to seek a suitable resolution to this matter.

What can I do?

Speak to your work colleagues about why it is important to fight and protect the NPWS Award and why becoming a member is the best way to support the union that supports you.

  • The PSA has launched a new program to reward members who sign up a colleague and receive a $75 gift card. To learn more, see:
  • Please print this organising bulletin and post on your notice board.

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