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Prizes for SAS Staff teams

Prizes for SAS Staff teams – June 2019 (PDF version)

PSA to Celebrate the work of SAS Staff teams.

The PSA and your federal union the CPSU NSW are again promoting and acknowledging the contribution of SAS Staff teams to their schools and to school students, teachers and parents.

Every year we recognise your work in SAS Staff Recognition Week. This year, in addition to the usual Recognition Week activities, we will announce the SAS Staff team of the year. There will be a NSW State team winner and a National team winner.

Recognition Week this year will be from 26-30 August.

Nominate a SAS Staff Team!

We want to recognise and thank SAS Staff teams (small or large), who work so hard to support students, teachers and parents and to support each other to ensure a fair workplace where workers are supported and respected.

Nominate a team whose members’ contribution should be recognised by giving an example in a few short paragraphs of how the team is working to make their school better; stories should demonstrate the union values of fairness, equality and solidarity.

Nominations close 5 July.

The State and National winners will be announced in SAS Staff Recognition Week.

The prizes are intended to be shared by the team members.

The National Prize is a Red Balloon voucher worth $1500- for the team to spend on a group activity with the union members in their workplace.

CLICK HERE to nominate a SAS Staff team.

What else can I do?

support the work of the PSA and your local delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN their union.

Hold a PSA meeting in your workplace, to have a PSA organiser attend contact us at

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