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PSA advice: WBS/IO still optional for schools

Optional - Feb 2021 (PDF version)

The PSA has been contacted by numerous members about the WBS/IO Solution.

Throughout 2019 the PSA raised a number of serious concerns about the solution which ultimately resulted in members placing an industrial ban on the program and a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission.

The outcome of that dispute was that schools could CHOOSE whether or not to use the WBSIO Solution. This has not changed.

Read our 2019 bulletin with this advice HERE

WBSIO still optional

The Department of Education has not approached the union about changing the agreement reached as a result of the dispute in 2019. However, members from various schools across the state have provided information to the PSA that shows advice has been released that they must use the solution. 

The PSA immediately raised this with the Department and has sought assurances that it reinforces to schools that the WBS/IO Solution is OPTIONAL. The alternative for schools not using the WBS/IO Solution is to journal salaries as needed.

Members have reported that the “set and forget” function in the WBS/IO Solution (for permanent and temporary staff) is acceptable, however the coding for casual staff is labour-intensive and the data is unreliable. 

The position of the PSA remains that the WBS/IO Solution is optional and we will keep members informed as discussions with the Department progress.

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