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PSA BAN – Psychological/Psychometric analysis

PSA BAN – Psychological and Psychometric analysis – March 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA has received complaints from members who have been directed to complete a psychometric assessment in their own time. This is apparently part of a “Psychological Task Analysis project” in which FACS has engaged the Centre for Corporate Health.

The PSA has not been consulted on this matter and directs members not to participate in this analysis. The PSA and members are concerned as to the purpose and ultimate use of the information gathered.

Following negotiations, we will advise members further.

FACS not negotiating with your union

It is very disappointing that the Department continues to roll out projects without the necessary consultation with the PSA. In November 2017 a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) was served on FACS in relation to its WHS failings in managing vicarious and secondary trauma for child protection workers. To be clear, the term child protection worker includes all support and administrative staff. To date the Department has failed to engage in any meaningful consultation in addressing this breach of WHS legislation. We need to be vigilant and will continue to call the Department out when they do no consult or follow our industrial agreements.

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