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POVB bulletin – Reception Centres

POVB bulletin – Reception Centres – March 2018 (PDF version)

The POVB executive received communication (email dated 19 March 2018) from Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran. The message was in regards to a direction he has put out to all Directors to distribute to across all reception centres around NSW.

This direction states two cells must be kept in each Reception Centre to facilitate receiving remand inmates. It also states inmates can be received out of hours see below line out of the direction:

“As the two cells are designated for the purposes of receiving remand inmates out of hours, they fall within the existing agreed maximum state for each reception centre.”
I contacted Mr Corcoran today in regards to the direction and the reference above and have followed our concerns by way of letter back to Mr Corcoran stating:

That Reception Rooms are not adequately staffed on B watches and until a review of all reception centres is completed and the centres are sufficiently staffed and resourced, we will not be accepting inmates outside of reception rooms core business hours.

I am directing all members not to accept any inmates on a Night Shift or outside of your core reception room hours.

Thank you,

Nicole Jess
Chairperson POVB

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