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PSA CPSUNSW Training – Stronger Together Through Education

There are lots of ways to get active in your union. One of those is to come along to PSA/CPSU NSW training.

Union training is a valuable tool to empower members and delegates to build power in their workplaces and achieve good and effective resolutions to workplace issues. The PSA/CPSUNSW June to September course timetable is now online.

We offer a range of training to members and delegates. Courses range from Work, Health and Safety, Mental Health, Workplace Bullying, Role of the Delegates, Women in the Union, and Dealing with Member Issues. To see whether there is a course that interests you, please look at the Course Descriptions.

Most Union members are entitled to Special leave to attend union training. Up to 12 days paid leave in a 2-year period. Please check your Award or Enterprise Agreement for details.
If you see something you like please fill out the application form , as well as thoroughly reading the procedures for applying, being accepted to training and released from work for PSA/CPSUNSW courses.

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