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PSA dispute: Transport for NSW direction to return equipment

The PSA became aware last week that Transport for NSW (TfNSW) IT sent an email advising employees that “Transport no longer allows borrowing of IT equipment or the provisions to request this equipment for your home office” and that they now needed need “all equipment returned to ensure we [Transport] can accommodate the growing number of teams that are connecting again in our [Transport’s] workplaces.”

TfNSW has been consulting with the PSA and other unions about hybrid ways of working and its rollout, yet failed to consult with the PSA on this matter. The PSA immediately notified TfNSW of a dispute.

TfNSW has responded to the PSA and acknowledged that the communication and the timeframes could have been jarring. Further, it stated to the PSA that any employee who thinks it will be unsafe or impractical for them to work from home after returning borrowed equipment should raise the issue with their manager so a solution can be found.

The PSA still has outstanding concerns and has requested to meet with TfNSW to further discuss the issue.

We will keep members updated on the progress of the dispute.

You can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679 or email .

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