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PSA lodges Ministerial Drivers Award with Commission

The PSA has advised DPC that they will lodge a Ministerial Drivers Award with the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW (IRC) on Friday 21 May 2021.

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, PSA representatives met with Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) representatives to seek a consent application.

There are currently three Determinations that outline the specific salaries and conditions for Ministerial Drivers. These sit on top of the basic conditions contained in the Crown Employees (Public Service – Conditions of Employment) Award which cover most Public Servants, including Premiers and Cabinet staff.

Determinations are meant as temporary industrial instruments and the state industrial system has as its primary instrument of State Awards.

The Government is currently talking to the PSA and other state-based unions about removing around 100 old Determinations which have been replaced with state Awards or are unnecessary for other reasons.

The PSA’s actions are in line with this policy.

Unfortunately, at the meeting the Department representatives did not agree to supporting a consent application of the Award. They raised concerns about the lodgement being a “waste of tax payers’ money” and also that the impending change management process will complicate the matter.

The PSA does not see any correlation between the Industrial instrument that manages your salary and conditions, and the number of roles or way the Department is internally structured.

The PSA does not agree that formalising existing entitlements in line with Government policy is a “waste of tax payer’s money”. This is especially so as the Award application has no cost implications for the Government.

Their attitude was disappointing, however the PSA will continue with the process of making a Drivers Award.

We will continue to pursue their agreement but the process of making the Award will proceed regardless.

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