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PSA Service NSW – Members Bulletin

There are a number of matters across Service NSW that the PSA is in consultation about, the following is a brief update for members on a few of these.

Customer Care

Following the meeting with Customer Care staff on Thursday 06 October 2022 the consultation period for the proposed changes to the proposed CCS role will be open through to Thursday 20 October 2022.

As always, the PSA strongly encourages our members to engage with the process and review the proposed role description and raise questions where needed.

While we understand that change can often seem daunting, especially for those in the more impacted SSS roles the PSA clearly understands the following:

  • It is opt in,
  • For those who opt out they will be maintained in their SSS role until such time as they leave,
  • There are no job losses.

The PSA would appreciate feedback from members as part of the consultation process, to submit feedback to the PSA please send the email to and in the subject line please enter: Call No 191774 Customer Care Consultation

Rostered Days off on Public Holidays

The PSA has had over this year a number of inquiries from members as to what should happen if they have a Rostered Day Off (RDO) that happens to fall on a public holiday. With the recent additional public holiday on 22 September 2022 for the National Day of Mourning the matter has been further compounded.

In short the PSA is of the view that members who have an RDO that falls on a public holiday should received one of three options, being:

  1. Payment of an additional day’s salary; or
  2. Addition of one day to the employee’s annual holidays; or
  3. An alternate day off with pay within 28 days after the public holiday falls, or during the week prior to the holiday.

Needless to say this view has not been overly endorsed by Service NSW and the PSA is aware of some circumstances where we believe the Award is being properly applied and others where it isn’t.

A further update will be provided to members as we progress the matter.

Travelling Compensation

Another outstanding matter for the PSA is the application of Travelling Compensation as per the Service NSW Salaries and Conditions Award. The PSA is waiting for a response from the Department of Customer Service, once we are in receipt of that we will be able to inform members as to the next steps we will be taking.

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