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PSA tackling forfeited flex and workloads with Transport for NSW

In recent Award negotiations, the PSA and combined transport unions made many claims to address the massive workloads and subsequent excessive hours of work, with reports of some members forfeiting over a week’s worth of work at the end of the settlement period.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) was not willing to agree to any amendments to the Awards.

However, an agreement was reached for the following:

  1. Reporting on the amount of forfeited flex across TfNSW
  2. Carrying over employees forfeited flex for the August and November settlement periods (we are still working with TfNSW on how this will occur)
  3. If employees have flex, which will be forfeited when the settlement period ends in January 2023, the forfeited flex may be paid out
  4. Working with the PSA and combined transport unions on strategies to reduce the amount of forfeited flex.

The PSA, with your Delegates, met with TfNSW last week for the first time to discuss the implementation of the agreement. Discussions included how the carryover will occur and setting the framework for engaging on the strategies to reduce flex.

The PSA will engage with members throughout this process, including the areas identified as having forfeited flex. We will receive the reports next week, enabling the PSA to identify these areas and start engaging.

What should members do now?

  1. Record your hours correctly (even if they are outside bandwidth or above 10 hours)
  2. Look out for further PSA communication about how this program for carrying over your forfeited flex will work
  3. Attend any member meetings
  4. Contact the PSA, or your local delegate, if you have any questions or concerns.

You can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

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