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PSA update on the move to 6 Parramatta Square

Parramatta Move - March 2021 (PDF version)

Your Delegates and PSA staff met with the Department to discuss plans for the move to 6 Parramatta Square.

The Department expects construction of the building will be completed by the end of this year.

The move to 6 Parramatta Square is part of the consolidation of office space and the Government’s “Decade of Decentralisation” plan.

While the majority of staff will move to 6 Parramatta Square, part of the accommodation planning includes some office space in the Parramatta Justice Precinct as well as some limited options to have “Touchdown” space in Liverpool. The Department is seeking approval from Properties NSW and Treasury for Touchdown space in the Sydney CBD.

Your Delegates and PSA representatives urged the Department to update staff with information on the planned move as well as the requirement to consult with Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) and relevant WHS Committees. Consultation with WHS Committees and HSRs is an integral part of the process.

The Department has confirmed that both the Community Services Helpline and the Housing Contact Centre are NOT part of these plans and will not be moving to Parramatta.

The Department advised the PSA that shortly, through your line managers, they will be discussing and providing you information about;

  • Your new office location
  • What the new office will look like
  • When you will know when your move to the new location will be
  • What a Touchdown space is and how it can be used.

In May it is expected the Department will have an Experience Hub at 4 Parramatta Square for staff to visit. The Experience Hub will be a replica of the space, including the furniture that will be installed in 6 Parramatta Square when it is complete.

We encourage all members to visit the Experience Hub once open and provide your feedback, to your delegates, HSRs and management.

We will be meeting again with the Department in mid-April and a further update will be provided to members after that meeting.

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