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Quality Assurance meeting: Power imbalance and Caseworkers disrespected

“The PSA withdraws its direction to members who are in Caseworker roles not to attend meetings relating to Quality Assurance reviews (QAMT)”

Context and background

Members in Caseworker roles raised concerns with the PSA that they are subject to unreasonable behaviour and not treated with respect in “Quality Assurance” review meetings. Caseworkers reported they were forced to attend monthly meetings with their Manager Caseworker, a worker from Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement (QACI), and often their Manager Client Services and other participants.

The PSA raised members concerns and placed a ban on the QAMT meetings in September 2022. Your union proceeded to hold meetings with the Department to find a better way to support staff, young people, families and Districts.

We reached an agreed set of guidelines and have linked the Terms of Reference as well as further information on the process.

The PSA withdraws the ban and encourage members to engage in the meetings in the hope they will now be held with dignity and respect, with an open forum to discuss work and in line with the guidelines linked above.

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