Revenue NSW – Annual General Meeting - Public Service Association

Revenue NSW – Annual General Meeting

The PSA Annual General Meeting of Revenue NSW will take place on Thursday 17 May at 12pm via Teams.

As a PSA member, you are formally invited to this meeting.

At this AGM, there will be an election for the following positions:


Vice Chairperson


Assistant Secretary

Women’s Contact Officer

Delegate x 8

As per the PSA’s Rules, nominations will be called for from the floor at the AGM alternatively you can nominate by email contacting your Organiser, Mel Ciraolo on .

Where there is more than one nomination for a position, a ballot will be held.

If you believe in the benefits of working together and share our values of decency, fairness and equality, then the PSA strongly encourages you to get involved.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Please follow the below link to join the Teams Meeting:

Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Meeting ID: 452 251 203 581
Passcode: 3miTZH

Click here to join the meeting

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