Revenue NSW Maitland from the services team in Collections Centre - Public Service Association

Revenue NSW Maitland from the services team in Collections Centre

Revenue NSW Maitland from the services team in Collections Centre – May 2018 (PDF version)


Due to excellent work by PSA Delegates, the Department has reversed an earlier decision and called for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for staff to take up Voluntary Redundancies (VR). We understand sufficient numbers of EOIs have been returned to allow the Department to follow the approach that staff who wish to remain working at Revenue NSW will no longer be required to go through an assessment process, but can be directly assigned to a role.

Whilst the PSA remains concerned about the number of jobs cut and those who remain to do the work this is a great outcome for our members. Thank you Delegates!


The initial advice of the restructure caused great concern for members and the PSA and it was only last Tuesday 8 May that the matter was in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC). For those who would like more information on how events unfolded, please read on.

  • Thurs 3 May: Staff and the PSA advised about the restructure and loss of jobs.
  • Friday 4 May: PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little, asked industrial staff to lodge a dispute immediately. The scenario had gone from staff being blended into a unit in February to 35 staff losing jobs two months later.
  • Tues 8 May: At an appearance at the IRC by Stewart Little, recommendations are made for meetings with Stephen Brady and Mark White to occur.
  • Wed 9 May: A press conference is held outside Maitland Offices with PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little and Local MP, Jenny Aitchison. A PSA members meeting is held at Belmore Hotel with above and Shadow Minister for Finance, Clayton Barr attending to hear members’ concerns.
  • PSA delegates begin a series of background meetings with HR.
  • Friday 11 May: Stewart Little and Stephen Brady meet and agree to consultation. Industrial Manager Kerrie Butson and Mark White meet to discuss conflict of interests.
  • Tues 15 May: At a formal consultation session with Revenue, PSA and PSA delegates, concerns are raised and respective positions clarified. There is agreement that upfront EOI process has eased most member concerns.
  • Wed 16 May: The IRC reports back and the PSA advises matter can be stood over. The PSA can relist if required.

If members continue to have concerns please contact your local PSA delegates or contact the PSA’s Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

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