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RMS and TfNSW Award – Further Meeting with TfNSW

The PSA and combined transport unions met with TfNSW on Wednesday, 5 July 2022 to continue negotiations.

At the meeting the PSA and Combined Transport Unions:

  1. informed TfNSW there would not be consent on the basis of their offer of 28 June.
  2. further clarity was sought on why the award applications were made and made without the provisions contained in the offer.
  3. unions sought back pay for their members. We are informed back pay is on the table.

In the meeting TfNSW expressed an avid desire to have consent within the next week.

The Combined Transport Unions share the same interest to secure a consent award.  However, we recognise and have demonstrated to TfNSW this is going to require some compromise from what they have offered.

We are asking members to fill in this survey to assist the combined transport unions in negotiations. https://forms.office.com/r/5jJFKUGYZT

As we informed members TfNSW proceeded to make award applications in the IRC last week, before the combined transport unions were able to advise TfNSW whether we accept their offer.  We are before the IRC on Monday where we will advise the Commission there is no consent, particularly as the applications lodged are not even what they offered.  It is expected that negotiations will continue and the potential for some assistance from the IRC.

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