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Safety Measures and Hybrid Working: what is happening?

COVIDSafe Policy

A lot has happened since Transport for NSW (TfNSW) commenced consultation and implementation of its COVIDSafe Measures policy.

At this stage TfNSW has not altered its COVIDSafe Measures policy, including the mandating of vaccinations. TfNSW has indicated that further risk assessments will be undertaken in the near future; we anticipate further details later in the week. The PSA has been assured that consultation will occur.

Isolation Requirements

Many of you would be aware of the changes in April to the Public Health Orders (PHOs). The result of the PHO changes is that close contacts (defined as a household contact or person with a high risk exposure) are not required to isolate unless they have symptoms.

Whilst the PHO has changed TfNSW is still required under Work Health and Safety legislation to assess the level of risk in having a close contact in the workplace. When this was raised with TfNSW, it was continuing as it had done, the default position was for close contacts to not come into the workplace. This was to be an ongoing conversation; the PSA has been seeking further information on the approach.

There are no changes to self-isolation requirements if you test positive for COVID and you are still required under the PHO to notify your employer.

Hybrid Working & Equipment

TfNSW continues to assert it supports hybrid ways of working. The policy still provides that for managers to engage with the team and discuss how it operates and how often it is necessary to attend to work from the office. Again, it is not intended for managers to arbitrarily dictate a number of days employees are required to be in the office.

Many of you would be aware that after IT sent out a directive for employees to return office equipment the PSA notified TfNSW of a dispute.  TfNSW advised the PSA that the email went out to ensure that equipment was in the office for when people returned. When questioned as to whether or not it was actually required, true to form TfNSW were unsure if there had been any assessment of the need for the office equipment to be returned.

TfNSW has agreed not to pressure employees to return equipment, in particular where based on the individual circumstances returning the equipment is in issue. We have been assured that where the PSA raises individual member issues those circumstances will be assessed.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

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