SafeWork update: Joint Consultative Committees, allowances, mobility and your P File - Public Service Association

SafeWork update: Joint Consultative Committees, allowances, mobility and your P File

SafeWork Update - Nov 2020 (PDF version)

This bulletin is to provide you with an update on a number of outstanding collective matters raised on your behalf by your union, the PSA:

Joint Consultative Committee

The PSA would like to reintroduce the SafeWork-specific Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), and will take a request to the Peak Consultative Committee. A SafeWork-specific JCC would allow for collective issues affecting SafeWork to be raised and resolved more timely that the current Customer Service-wide consultative approach. 

Being required to keep phones on from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, although not on call

You cannot be directed to keep your phone on in your own time unless your employer intends paying you a penalty rate such as overtime. We are talking with management about one particular section that does not seem to understand this. If you have concerns about this happening in your area, please contact your PSA Organiser Harry Wall.

Consistency in payment of disturbance allowance

Concerns have been raised by members in relation to inconsistent payment of disturbance allowance. Some employees are being paid per call, some are not being paid for subsequent calls in relation to the original incident. The PSA has raised this with management, which will respond to our concerns.

Career Development /mobility for Senior Inspectors

The employer’s ability, per the Award, to control the establishment is being questioned. The Department is investigating further and will come back to us on this. We note that at the last meeting with Peter Dunphy there appeared to be an agreement that the Department would look into reinstating the previous process of retaining grade at lateral transfer.

Requests for access to P File

PSA has raised concerns that it is taking up to 12 months for members to get access to their P File after raising tickets with GovConnect. This is not acceptable and we have requested that the Department investigate this. If you want to access your P File, please raise a ticket with GovConnect in the first instance and if there is a delay in responding please contact the PSA Member Support Centre. PSA can progress this for you on an individual basis.

How to contact your union

All new matters should be raised with your PSA Member Support Centre in the first instance, you can contact them on 1300 772 679. Additionally, you can contact your PSA representatives below.

Your PSA representatives

Harry Wall Organiser

Phoebe Dangerfield Industrial Officer

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