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Salaries update

Salaries Update - Jan 2021 (PDF version)

As many Public Servants slowly return from a well-earned break over the Christmas and New Year period we thought we’d provide an update on when you can expect your salary increase, and back pay. This follows the decision of the Industrial Relations Commission in late 2020 to award the paltry 0.3 per cent increase.

In previous years many agencies could prepare the new rates in plenty of time due to the regularity of a 2.5 per cent pay rise, to be paid on the first full pay period on or after 1 July each year.

This time, that was not possible with the Government fighting tooth and nail to deny Public Servants any increase. Only following the making of the new Awards could many agencies begin to work on implementing the changes, as even the issue of back pay was challenged by the government during the hearing.

The Awards were only formally made on 15 December 2020, meaning agencies had limited time to prepare internal pay systems with the final calculations prior to final Christmas pay runs being locked in.

We have also been notified that the official circular, which the Government releases every year following the decision, has not been published yet but is imminent. Many agencies rely on this circular for their rates.

As such, the PSA understands most agencies will be preparing and processing salary increases and back pay in early February.

The PSA will continue to monitor the situation to ensure payment is provided to staff as soon as possible. However, we ask members to please check with their own payroll group first and contact the PSA only if a problem develops.

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