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SARA – Access to Flextime

Access to Flextime - Jan 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA understands some managers may have a misunderstanding on how the Flexible Working Hours Agreement HERE is administered.

Whilst access to Flextime are subject to “Operational Requirements” and you cannot accrue Fextime unless you performing work, Managers do NOT have the right to restrict your access to Flextime and constructively place you on standard hours. There needs to be genuine reasons for a manager to deny an application for Flextime. Simply citing “Operational Requirements” is not good enough. You should expect the reasons for any denial to be provided in writing/email.

Further, it is not up to a manager to reject an application for flex leave based on their assumption that a staff member won’t be able to make up the time and be under the 10 hours’ debit at the conclusion of the settlement period.

Major changes to operations, such as hours or work/attendance, should be the subject of consultation.

The PSA has contacted management about this issue and you can expect resolution in the short term.


If you are having issues accessing Flextime email your PSA Organiser, Ian Little, with “Call 116372” in the subject line.


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