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Save The State. Change The Government

Save The State. Change The Government – February 2019 (PDF version)

What shape would NSW be in without our public services?

The public sector has suffered under eight years of Coalition Government and its agenda to reduce the services we provide to the NSW community. This cannot continue.

The attack on public servants continues:

  • Efficiency dividend – how can departments save 12% over four years without cutting staff?
  • $60 billion worth of assets sold off to the private sector. The gifting of government run ageing and disability services has left our most vulnerable without a safety net.
  • Casualisation – more staff in the public service are on temporary contracts and working as casuals, with fewer people working for the community of NSW.
  • Wages cap – NSW is Australia’s most expensive state to live in, and the cost of living is going up, yet the Government’s wages cap holds our pay rises back.
  • Workplace Flexibility – we were promised flexible workplaces, but someone seems to have forgotten to tell our bosses.

The NSW state election is less than six weeks away. If we want to protect our jobs and secure the future of public services in NSW, we must make our votes count on Saturday March 23.

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Kind regards,

Stewart Little
PSA General Secretary

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