Survey on gender discrimination in the workforce - Public Service Association

Survey on gender discrimination in the workforce

We are aware some of our female members have experienced discrimination and been penalised for taking parental leave either through effective demotion or being overlooked for promotion opportunities. We want to find out how widespread this is within the NSW Public Service.

Please fill out the survey HERE.

This survey is detailed and takes between five and 10 minutes to complete. It is important to complete the survey once you begin because if you exit the survey before you complete, you won’t be able to restart it where you left off. We want to hear all your answers.

The survey is broken up into sections about you, your workplace, and what can be improved. Once we have heard back from our members, we will report back to you what you want our campaign goals and organising work to be.

Workplaces are grouped by Cluster. Given the frequency and speed at which Clusters are reorganised and units renamed, it is possible your current workplace is not specifically listed. If this is the case, then please add it to the ‘other’ box.

Your answers to this survey are confidential and no individual respondent will be identified.

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