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Your right to take action is under threat

The NSW Liberal/National Government wants to make it harder for union members like you to strike for better pay and conditions.

The Government has introduced a Bill to Parliament creating more hurdles for NSW Public Sector workers to voice our opposition to the decade-long, unfair wages policy that has restricted public sector wages to 2.5 per cent. With inflation running rampant, the policy has wiped out a decade of wage increases.

The Bill seeks to increase the maximum contraventions of dispute orders issued by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to:

  • $55,000 for the first day of a contravention of the dispute order directing a union not to strike (currently $10,000)
  • $27,500 for each day thereafter (currently $5000)
  • Introduce $110,990 fine for repeatedly breaching orders
  • Permit the awarding of costs (uncapped against unions).

As union members, we need to ensure this Bill does not pass. Click the link below and let your MP know why they need to oppose this Bill.

Email your MP HERE.

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