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TfNSW unprepared for TfNSW and RMS Award Negotiations

The PSA​, with the combined unions​, met with TfNSW on 21 March 2021 to commence the process of the RMS and TfNSW Award negotiations.

As this was the first meeting, the aim was to agree on a schedule, and determine how negotiations would proceed, whilst also receiving the TfNSW log of claims for consideration.

To say we are disappointed with TfNSW ‘s approach is an understatement. Despite months of notice, TfNSW came unprepared; without even an authority to commence the substantive negotiations or provide their log of claims. Instead, TfNSW wants to begin discussions on the combined union’s log of claims.  It was made clear that the combined unions would not tolerate this approach, as negotiation is a two way process.

Before our next meeting, the combined unions are writing to TfNSW with a deadline for their log of claims.

What is next?

The next Award negotiation meeting with TfNSW is scheduled for 29 March 2022. The specific claims to be tabled by the PSA and combined unions relate to Work Health and Safety.

The combined unions will explore the dispute processes if TfNSW continues engaging in the negotiations without a log of claims, and no authority.

The PSA will continue to keep members updated on the process.

If you have any questions or issues, you can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

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